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Creating Calmer Canines

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A full spectrum approach to training, we utilize different styles to best help you and your dog. Whether your dog needs some basic obedience training or has shown signs of aggression, we offer many programs  that can help. Our goals are always to take the stress out of your dog’s life and teach you how to fulfill his or her needs.




Whether you are a frequent traveler, taking a short vacation, or just need a few days at home to get some work done, you want to make the perfect arrangement for the care of your dog. We have boarding packages that cater to all your needs




Day Care

Ideal for people with busy working schedules and dogs that need to have an active lifestyle, our doggie day care provides a great outlet for physical exercise and mental stimulation. It is also great for puppies and older dogs alike who need socialization!


Our Story

We are Jeff and Gillian Scarpino, a husband and wife team who not only love dogs, but have a passion to help them live their best lives possible. Our story began in 2008 when we adopted our first dog together. “Jibber” was a wonderful puppy who quickly became an assertive, confident dog and started to show aggressive tendencies. Not knowing where to turn, we brought him to a trainer. This particular trainer, while he was a very nice person, told us that our dog was not aggressive, just had a few quirks, and sent us on our way with no real plan on how to help our boy. Not long after that, our naivety cost him his life. He bolted out of the yard to chase a car and he was hit. Our devastation served a purpose, and we started volunteering to work with dogs and immersed ourselves in any education we could get our hands on.

Jeff started officially training dogs in 2011, and we opened our facility in 2014. Knowing what we know now, we should have been managing Jibber so much differently. We have learned over the years just how misunderstood dogs are in our society, and our purpose with this business is to help as many dog owners as we can to better understand their furry family members, strengthen the bond that they share, and help the entire family live more balanced lives.  We always advocate for the dogs in our care, and at the same time, we will always be their students.


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