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We offer 5×5 kennels with Coolaroo dog beds, as well as larger kennels for bigger dogs or multiple dogs from the same family. For smaller dogs or dogs who prefer more compact crates, we offer those, too! All dogs who board with us are introduced to our daycare pack via our extensive behavior evaluation. We evaluate every dog who stays with us prior to bringing them into the pack. Most boarding dogs receive 6 hours of socialization and play time per day (which is what all daycare dogs receive!). Unless there is inclement weather, play time happens outside in our 2,500 sq foot outdoor natural area, complete with shade, dirt, grass, rocks and stumps! 

Physical Exercise & Mental Stimulation

The outdoor area was specifically designed in such a manner as to teach your dog how to socialize with other dogs and humans. Also, with the variety of trees around them and great expanse of landscape, dogs are able to get the required amount of exercise. We do not allow rough play, but instead encourage positive social interactions and fun, lighthearted romping! Play time is 100% monitored and we advocate for all dogs who stay with us by constantly reading body language and helping all dogs make good choices.


Pricing starts at $30 per dog, per day. For owners who want to board two dogs in the same kennel, the price becomes $55 per day. Owners are asked to provide their dog’s food in a hard plastic container. Training and walks can also be added to this service for an additional fee.




At this time we only accept cash or check, No credit or debit cards

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