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   Doggie Daycare


We structure our doggie daycare program in a way that emphasizes positive social interactions and light play. Dogs are expert communicators and teach each other proper social behavior in a pack environment. Our goal is to keep all dogs safe and happy. Dogs receive 6 hours of socialization time per day, with some down time in between the 2 structured play sessions. Play sessions are 100% monitored and no rough play is allowed. It is a great program for all dogs, whether they are the most social of the bunch just needing an outlet for their energy, or if they are brand new to being around other dogs and need to build some confidence. With our guidance, they all help each other learn and grow!

Join us for Small Dog and Puppy Daycare on Thursdays!



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We evaluate all dogs prior to admittance into our daycare program. The full day evaluation is $50. Upon pickup, we discuss with you the behaviors we saw from your dog throughout the day and give recommendations for programs that might be of benefit. The daily price for daycare then changes to $25-$35 per day depending on certain behaviors exhibited during the evaluation.

Pickup and Drop-Off times are 8-10am and 4-6pm. We currently offer daycare 7 days per week.




At this time, we only accept cash or check, No credit or debit cards

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