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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Reviews – 3

Professional on every level, Jeff and his staff are truly passionate about what they do. Hands down your best choice for boarding and training! – Alexander Savitsky

Reviews – 2

I’m so grateful for the work that Jeff and the staff at Off the Beaten Trail do. Djengo, my rescue pup, was enrolled in their 2 week board & train. Prior to the class he was hit or miss with other dogs and on his own routine, often making it hard to keep him under control. After 2 weeks with the hard working and patient staff Djengo is walking in the heel position, seldom barks, calmer around other dogs, and hardly strays if off leash. His progress is astonishing. Without the expertise and tools provided at Off the Beaten Trail I’d never be able to have him succeed as he is now. – Leah LaRobardiere